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To discover new talents and insightful works,
to enhance the diverse cultural life of the community,
and to create an oasis for self-expression, self-discovery,
self-acceptance, and nurturing of all artistic talents and pursuits.

Stage and Theater have always been my passion. In fact, stage is the only place where I feel truly at home. So I have decided to make it my life's goal to create an environment where numerous artists, writers, poets, comedians, musicians, directors, actors, creative/ healing arts/music therapists and other creative professionals would be able to pursue their dreams by conducting their creative and therapeutic workshops and by developing and producing their shows. This way, these creative professionals will not only pursue their own dreams, but will also get to empower others. This is exactly what happened to me when I took Matt Hoverman’s "Create Your Own Solo Show" class. I look forward to sharing my experience with hundreds and thousands of people through Stage Love Theater!


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