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Mila Levine: Poetry


By Mila Barg Levine

"Sophisticated..." "Worldly..."
Are the dictionary definitions,
But when you ask me, "Where are you from?"
I have a hard time responding briefly.
Am I from New York? From Kiev?  From Rome?
Have you ever wondered what it is like 
Not to have a home?
Not to have a point of reference
Or is that a point of referral?
Have you ever felt you could be from 
anywhere and yet, sadly, from nowhere?
When I just cannot provide a simple answer 
to a simple question, this is how I feel. 
And yet I often wonder, Why? Why should I?
And why does everyone want to know?...
I wish I could explain the journey of a refugee

In a word or a phrase that wouldn’t complicate 

my way of thinking or interacting

Wouldn’t instigate unwanted remarks or inquiries

Regarding my origin of expression

If you really wanna know me, ask me who I am

Or let me be unquestioned.

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